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Why Us?

Our firm has over fifteen years experience providing specialized services to nonprofit organizations and government agencies. CSC will provide the necessary expertise for process improvements in your program and financial operations. The results of these efficiencies and enhancements will enable your organization to be as effective as possible in fulfilling its mission. CSC will provide you with:

  • CSC will provide you with an unbiased third party consultation. Our process facilitates consensus building among staff and board members, specifically those who have been inflexible and unresponsive to the pleas of management. We strengthen the position of management and board leaders by expressing our professional opinions about what a successful effort is going to require.
  • CSC’s professionals will design the most cost effective approaches to meet your situational needs while incorporating our years of experience in “best practice” methods to ensure your success. We will transfer our knowledge to your organization and stay with you to ensure implementation and execution.
  • CSC’s professionals have experience dealing with problem areas throughout organizations and will deliver results on time, based on previously negotiated time lines.
  • CSC’s professionals will provide the necessary guidance in research, analysis, and planning services to build on your existing program strengths while assisting you in developing new programs aligned to your mission and vision.
  • CSC will provide you with effective professionals to teach staff at every level of your organization (board, management and volunteers) how to make effective decisions for your organization.
  • CSC’s professionals will provide you with qualified expert advice, making you more confident in your ability to carry out successful projects, actions, and necessary changes.
  • Specific to CSC’s grant writing professionals, we will conduct prospect research for you and prepare your proposals ensuring their accuracy and integrity. Our staff will ensure the grant writing functions are completed effectively and the required items are prioritized appropriately to create a successful proposal for your organization.

Our Mission:

CSC provides specialized quality services to non-profit organizations and governmental agencies to facilitate their success.

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