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CSC provides specialized quality services to non-profit organizations and governmental agencies to facilitate their success.

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CSC offers an array of services that can be tailored to your needs; from start up of a NPO (501(c)(3) application filing) to fine tuning your organization. Before beginning work on any project, we first clarify your needs and define our deliverables. We then identify the right services and people to get the job done, drawing on the appropriate expertise to meet your established goals, budget, and timeline. CSC offers the following:

Quality Assurance and Program Evaluation Services

  • Quality Assurance assessments
  • Agency and program specific evaluations
  • Service effectiveness studies
  • Process improvements
  • Development of measurable performance standards
  • Evaluation and monitoring of programs, services, and subcontractors

The primary goal of quality assurance is to ensure that the product or service an organization provides meets both external and internal requirements and customer expectations.

CSC will work with your organization to develop a quality management system that identifies and resolves problems in order to pursue continuous quality improvement. CSC staff will complete the following as part of the QA system review:

  • Evaluate the current QA system,
  • Report on performance as measured against set indicators,
  • Advise on the performance of the QA system to ensure proper functioning,
  • Advise on changes and their implementation and provide training, tools,and techniques to enable the organization to have a valuable QA plan.

Additionally, and upon request CSC will complete a gap analysis of your current QA system to determine the frequency, consistency and effectiveness of compliance to the requirements, the root causes of any shortcomings, and what will have to be developed to meet your business needs. CSC will assist you in developing a better understanding of the organizational processes and the critical points in the process that must be controlled to satisfy customer and grantor needs and expectations.

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