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About Our Organization

Established in 1999, Community Services Consulting (CSC) is a Florida-based consulting firm offering a unique set of services to nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and government agencies. Our areas of expertise include operational and financial technical assistance, quality assurance, program evaluation, and grant writing services.

CSC understands every organization has different needs and our staff will tailor a work plan to match your needs, working together with you, for your success. The CSC staff will provide the necessary guidance in research, analysis, and planning services to build on existing program strengths and assist in developing new programs aligned to your organization’s mission and vision.

In order to remain competitive and thrive in difficult times an organization must constantly improve its processes, tools and workforce. CSC specializes in NPOs and can implement enhancements to your business to ensure effective execution of your organization’s mission. Our qualified staff is available to assist you with any job, no matter how small or large. Allow us the opportunity to get acquainted with your organization and assist you with our services.

Why Us?

Our firm has over fifteen years experience providing specialized services to nonprofit organizations and government agencies. CSC will provide the necessary expertise for process improvements in your program and financial operations. Resultant efficiencies and enhancements will enable your organization to be as effective as possible in fulfilling its mission. CSC will provide you with:

  • Unbiased third party consultation
  • Professionals who will design the most cost effective approaches to meet your situational needs
  • Transfer of knowledge to your organization
  • Results delivered on time
  • Guidance aligned with your mission and vision
  • Qualified expert advice

Our Staff

CSC has an experienced staff with outstanding qualifications in the business, financial, management, social work, and grant writing professions. Our staff has extensive experience working with NPOs and will ensure a continued strong mission focus while enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.

Our Mission:

CSC provides specialized quality services to non-profit organizations and governmental agencies to facilitate their success.

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